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Synthesis of form, light, sound, and motion
Documentation Video: Light installation with objects, light sources, dimensions variable





Precious Genesis

reflected in the rays of the sun created the light drawings
Reflected on the paper creates the new light being.
2012 aluminium, silver
H43 x B55 x D35 inches





Geometrical Optics of Light Drawings

2012 glass ca 24 x 17 inches






Liquid Spirit:

the lightinstallation transforms the water flowing from the video
to a continuous flowing movement in space.
Object, video, beamer , light sources


Liquid Mind

Documentation Video: Light installation with one object, light sources, dimensions variableLiquid Mind is an development of the Installation Fusion -it focuses the synthesis of Light, color , form, motion and sound in one point. Object, Acrylglas, light sources, size of the reflected ball: ca /0 120cm



…The light installation “Fusion” invites us to broaden our consciousness. It abducts us into a fully-fledged show that immerses the observer into a real-time synthesis of light, form, colour, sound and movement – a synthesis in which the observer loses himself, dissolving, then ultimately uniting with the artwork itself to create a common, new cosmos. Initially this bent, folded, silver-shining sculpture named “Fusion” consists merely of outer forms. But it also harbours an inner, hidden form, one that might be referred to as its “inner potential”. This reaches far beyond the visible. It is the energy, the attraction of this artwork, whose extended reach commands the space around it and seeks even to stretch beyond it. The extent of this becomes apparent through the movement of the rays of light that meet its surface and create dynamic light-paintings, light-clouds and light-worlds. As they do so, these rays consistently extend, modify and distort the sculpture’s external form. What had initially seemed so static and immutable is sounding out new frontiers all the time, revealing forms that flow and stream. The outer space suddenly consumes the observer, engulfing him to make him part of the artwork itself. The void is no longer a void. Everything hangs together, merges. Although essentially two-dimensional, the “Goldbubble” and “Hushbubble” videos trick the observer into seeing three-dimensional, dancing, reflecting water worlds. Penetrated by magical clouds of energy, these are immersed in the meditative sound-worlds of composer Wolfgang Schmid, Bassist of“ Passport“ , – worlds inhabited by light orbits and other light creations before they sink into the depths of a planetary universe, worlds which at the same time echo the holistic notion to represent the depths of one’s own inner world. And finally there are the Snapshots. Created from such kaleidoscopic movements, these still-life photographs of “Fusion”, “Goldbubble” and “Hushbubble” would have the observer believe that the ‘Now’ can be captured, that the eternal flow of time and spread of space can be halted. But can they really? Could this be the way things are? Or could they equally well be different? Our hopes for a conclusive answer to these questions will be in vain. With their claim to absolute freedom, these works categorically exclude any such possibility. After all, it is freedom that tells us things could be the way they are, but that they could equally well be different. The observer is left completely to his own devices.

Kat Schütz, Sarasota Translation: Melanie Gridlestone, Munich

Pressrelease Fusion at 532gallery Thomas Jaeckel (PDF)